Terms and Conditions

Please find below the terms and conditions of Rajasthan Luxury Tour for your reference. All our tours are governed by these Terms and Conditions. If you have any query pertaining to terms and conditions then contact our team.

Our liabilities & limitations

All efforts will be made sincerely to maintain the contract made by our organization with its customers but there are always possibilities of certain Items like airfares, entrance fee at the monuments or drastic increase in fuel costs etc. getting more expensive without any notice from the Govt. authorities. In such FORCE MAJEUR, the difference in the cost would be borne by the customers.

All itineraries are sample itineraries, intended to give you a general idea of the likely trip schedule. Numerous factors such as weather, road conditions, the physical ability of the participants etc. may dictate itinerary changes either before the tour or even after the commencement of the tour. We reserve the right to change any schedule in the interest of the trip participants safety, comfort & general well being.

Our rates are based on the prevailing rates as negotiated by us with the hotels, airlines etc. Hotels and Airlines retain the right to modify the rates without notice. In case of such changes the rates quoted before the modification, can be changed by us according to the modifications by hotels or airlines. All hotel bookings are based on usual check in and check out time of the hotels until unless indicated in the itinerary. If the guests/ travellers cancel any activity at their end then the company is not liable to offer refunds.

Last Minute Hotel Changes – Please note that Hotel policies are out of our control. In case the hotel changes the reservation due to group booking or any other factor, alternate hotel of same quality will be offered. Company shall not be responsible for any compensation because of this. In case of error by the booking agency resulting in hotel change than mentioned in proposal, the company shall offer alternate accommodation.

We shall not be responsible for any delays & alterations in the programme or expenses incurred – directly or indirectly – due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accident, breakdown of transport, weather, sickness, landslides, closures/blocades due to political unrest or any such incidents. If the internal flights get cancelled due to extraneous factors and airline is unable to offer refunds then we shall not be liable to pay for booking a new flight. If the airline offers refunds for cancellation of flight and the new flight is more expensive at the time of booking, then the difference amount is to be paid by the traveller. Since the airline operations are out of our control, we shall not be liable for any expenses resulting out of this.

We shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other services, resulting – directly or indirectly – from any act of GOD, dangers, fire, accident, breakdown in machinery or equipment, breakdown of transport, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferages, epidemics, medical or defaults, or any other causes beyond our control. The company shall not be responsible for any inconveniences resulting out of VISA/ Customs at various airports within and outside the trip and is not liable for any compensation.

Terms and Conditions: Currency and Customs: 

The currency of India is the Indian rupee (INR).

There are restrictions on bringing Indian rupees into India. Visitors, including tourists, are not permitted to bring any amount of Indian currency into the country. If you’re resident in India, you can bring up to INR 25,000 into the country.

If you’re visiting India, you can bring cash or travellers’ cheques (in pounds sterling or another foreign currency) and/or a bank card with you and exchange or withdraw rupees once in India. You will have to declare any amount exceeding US$5,000 in notes, or US$10,000 in notes and travellers’ cheques combined.

There are limitations on how much gold / silver you can bring into India. To carry duty-free gold can only be possible if you carry in the prescribed quantity. It can be in the form of jewelry as part of their baggage and must be up to an aggregate value which is described below:

  • For male passengers: The limit for a male passenger to carry of gold is Rs. 50,000. (20 Gm)
  • For lady passengers: The limit for a female passenger to carry gold is Rs 1 Lakh. (40 Gm)

Above rules may change. The company will not be responsible for any damages/ compensation arising out of this. For more details of Customs visit official website http://www.cbic.gov.in

All meals offered with compliments or that are already included are without Drinks (alcohol, Bottled Water)

Any multi-country tour additions to the existing itinerary require a week notice. If during the trip, you wish to add a country that is not there in the itinerary then our team shall try our best to accommodate the request but if a week notice is not given then we are not responsible for disappointment as this was not a part of the finalised itinerary/ contract. The changes will cost additional

There are many activities that are done by multiple vendors in India and the sub-continent. We never commit services of a particular vendor and this can be changed during the trip keeping in mind guest comfort, safety and health. We continuously rate the quality of services offered by all vendors and change of vendor can happen without any notice to the guests. But, same service/ activity as mentioned in proposal will be 100% provided and in case of non-provision, either a refund or a meal of same price will be offered to guest.

We do not have any insurance policy covering the expenses for accident, sickness, loss due to theft, or any other reasons. Visitors are advised to seek such insurance arrangements in their home country. All baggages & personal property/s at all times are at the client’s risk. Our transport is certainly Insured as per Indian Motor Vehicles Act and claims, if any, will be made as per the rules of the Insurance Companies in Indian Rupees

For VISA to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives, passport with at least 6 months of validity is required. It is the responsibility of guests to renew the passport and keep it up to date. There will be no liabilities claimable on the company because of this reason.

We collect a deposit payment and only then book the internal flights and other components of the trip. In the exceptional event where the occupancy of the flight/ activity is higher and guest needs more time to plan, we may ask for only internal flight/ activity payment first but the deposit payment in this scenario is due within 1 week of booking the flight/ activity. If the deposit payment is not made on time, then the company has right to cancel the flight/ activity booked and use the amount as deposit payment. Also, we do not offer standalone services like flight, activity bookings. Hence, if the guest makes the flight booking payment first and later decides to book rest of the tour himself/ through other travel company then also the flight/ activity booked will be cancelled and amount considered as deposit payment. We do not offer break-up of tour components. In a scenario, where the guest asks for a break-up after booking a trip with us and asks for a refund for not offering break-up then company is not liable to make the refund for the same

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